Saunalahti Prepaid and MMS

I recently got a trail camera with GSM, namely a Scoutguard SG550M. It is a weather proof camera with movement detection and option to send photos as MMS messages, to a mobile phone and/or an e-mail address. I decided to equip it with a prepaid SIM card in case it gets stolen or the camera software goes grazy and sends zillions of MMSes getting me bankrupt. I got a Saunalahti Prepaid. It should have had MMS right from the beginning, but it didn’t work. After a bit of Googling, the problem has always been there and still is. Some of the Prepaids just don’t have MMS enabled. It is odd that they have not bothered to fix this. Obviously their calculations show that it is cheaper to not bother. Of course they enabled it after calling to the customer service (and getting to the 3rd level “expert” who knew what I was talking about), but that is very annoying. Well, cheapest cannot be perfect.