I got myself a Garmin Montana 600 yesterday. It is pretty nice, so far. However, buying Garmin maps on-line is a pain. BitTorrent would be so much faster. I’ve now been installing this map for four hours, and I don’t see the end of it. The algorithm to estimate the time left seems rather interesting. Downloading 2379 MB would normally take less than fifteen minutes with my 100 Mbps connection.

Less than a minute left..
56 minutes left....

Garmin Colorado firmware 3.70

I thought Garmin had ended supporting the Colorado series. On the list of firmware versions there is only v3.52 beta from beginning of 2011. I was running v3.00 because of problems with anything greater. Now, however, I decided to install v3.52 beta as I wanted to try some custom maps. I already downloaded the v3.52 update but it was an .exe and I was working with a Mac, so it was time to update the WebUpdater software first.

Well.. Webupdater showed that I had v3.00 and the latest is v3.70! So, it seems Colorado still gets updates and the only way to know is to try the WebUpdater software.. Let’s see if v3.70 is better than v3.00…