There’s Something Good in Everything

Quite a few of my blog entries have been written as warnings or workaround instructiongs for various bugs I have wanted to be made Googleable or as notes to myself.

Well, now I just want to say some positive things. Aperture 3, despite of some bugs and troubles, is *very* good in many things. First of all, it hadles adjustments on the Canon RAW images really smoothly, showing the full size preview all the time when tuning the adjustment sliders. Second, organizing photos is really a pleasure, compared to any other photo software I have used before.

Also, there’s something good in winter too, despite the cold and too much snow in wrong places — the winter light. Here’s one photo I took from the top of Kasavuori, Espoo, in -20C. Equipment: Canon EOS 400D + EF-S 18-55. RAW post processing with Aperture 3.


On storing photos

I wrote a dozen of shell scripts.

This enabled me to verify that importing photos from iPhoto to Aperture worked fine. Aperture even managed to store them as “referenced”, so I got back my directory structure with proper directory names. Phew…

Now I have directories “master” and “modified”, and “current”, which stores links to files in “modified” or “masters”, depending if a modified version exists. Now PS3 does not seem to like symbolic links via Mediatomb. Hard luck. I couldn’t care less. I will view my photos in the living room on my Mac Mini.

It seems that one could spend all waking hours on these things for the rest of one’s life and still everything would NOT WORK.