Amazon Video and it’s lame geographic restrictions (for Android)

Got interested in Amazon Video due to their new series “The Grand Tour”, a.k.a. TGT, a.k.a. “Top Gear Two”. I decided to try Amazon Prime 30-day trial, that includes the video service. To my big surprise, I could register in a minute and was watching the show in HD. With a laptop browser. Video quality was very nice.

However, it is convenient to be able to watch the videos on a tablet or a phone as well. Amazon does have apps for Android, however they’re not in the official Google Play Store, but in their own Amazon Underground. I got the Amazon Underground App installed, but when trying to install the Amazon Video from there, it told me I was unable due to “geographic restrictions”. Sigh. Yet another artificial problem.

Solution: install Amazon Video App from and watch all the videos you want.

No need for fake mail addresses, fake IP/DNS or VPNs. At least not for the TGT. At least not today.


Win XP and IE 6 – WTF?

Looking at the stats of this blog, the most popular OS by far is Windows XP and the browser is IE 6. What is wrong with you guys using that old software? Do you run Windows update, ever? Have you heard of the word “security hole”, ever? Virus? New features? Come on, you’re so anti nerd that you don’t have a life either!


On storing photos

I wrote a dozen of shell scripts.

This enabled me to verify that importing photos from iPhoto to Aperture worked fine. Aperture even managed to store them as “referenced”, so I got back my directory structure with proper directory names. Phew…

Now I have directories “master” and “modified”, and “current”, which stores links to files in “modified” or “masters”, depending if a modified version exists. Now PS3 does not seem to like symbolic links via Mediatomb. Hard luck. I couldn’t care less. I will view my photos in the living room on my Mac Mini.

It seems that one could spend all waking hours on these things for the rest of one’s life and still everything would NOT WORK.