On storing photos

I wrote a dozen of shell scripts.

This enabled me to verify that importing photos from iPhoto to Aperture worked fine. Aperture even managed to store them as “referenced”, so I got back my directory structure with proper directory names. Phew…

Now I have directories “master” and “modified”, and “current”, which stores links to files in “modified” or “masters”, depending if a modified version exists. Now PS3 does not seem to like symbolic links via Mediatomb. Hard luck. I couldn’t care less. I will view my photos in the living room on my Mac Mini.

It seems that one could spend all waking hours on these things for the rest of one’s life and still everything would NOT WORK.


The new era…

After seeing many professionals choosing to use Macs instead of Windows or Linux, I had started to think that there must be something good about it. I also got very bored of worrying about updating and configuring stuff all the time in Linux and in Vista, so I started to consider buying myself a Mac. I thought about it for a few weeks and then I eventually decided to buy a Macbook.

It is the cheapest aluminium Macbook (13.3 inch display, 2 GHz, 2 GB ram, 160 GB hard disk). I didn’t really find it necessary to upgrade CPU, as 2.4 GHz is not that much faster. And I don’t run too much 100% loads anyway. Any laptop gets too hot with that kind of use. Then the memory and hard disk upgrades would have been more expensive than doing it myself. So I will do it later if needed. A 500 GB hard disk is about 100 dollars or less. At least on the day I will buy one.

So far I have been quite happy. The only software causing problems is iPhoto. I imported 10,500 photos and now it often refuses to quit. I hope a future update will fix the problem. Otherwise no major regrets, yet… I am also happy to see that a lot of software that has been available for Windows only is now available also for OS X, even if it is not for Linux. For example the software from Garmin and TomTom are also for OS X. Google Earth, Picasa uploader, OpenOffice, are also nice…