GoPro Hero 8 Black: USB not detected by Windows 10

Just got myself a GoPro Hero 8 Black. Very nice until I tried to plug it in to my laptop (Lenovo Legion Y530) to download the test videos. GoPro detected USB and changed to USB mode, but Windows did not show the device or disk drives that you’d expect. Well, after a bit of research, it seems that the USB cable that comes with the GoPro is not USB 3.0 (white connector) and does not work on laptops with USB 3.0 ports only. When I changed to a USB 3.0 cable (blue connector), everything works as expected.

I was a bit disappointed, why do they save 1 cent on a cable that comes with a 379 EUR camera?

Here’s the reference. Thank you all for the info. Could not comment or thank in the forums so decided to write my own blog post. Hopefully someone else gets help from it.